Maximise your Brilliance

90 Minute Intensive

Let me be your friend, co-conspirator, inspiratrix and advisor as you uncover YOUR most powerful way forward. 

Maximise your Brilliance is 90 minutes of deep, focussed attention on you, your desires, and your plans. Together we uncover your brilliance and align your inner being with your ability to act. 

We build a strong foundation of confidence, unshakeable belief in the value of what you have to offer – and a clear path forward through your next phase of growth. 

Unlike other project oriented coaching, Maximise as much about taking good deep care of you as getting serious about making things happen. The two go hand in hand. 

    We work together to surface:

    • Your greatest strengths, talents and gifts. (I use StrengthsFinder 2.0)

    • Your unique perspective and contribution.

    • A compelling story which aligns who you are on the inside with who you are on the outside.

    • Your personal sense of what is Good Enough and Worthwhile – your inner compass.

    • The perfect way to love yourself through the places where you wobble, shrink and hold back.

    • The simplest, most powerful route for you to make an impact, connect and be seen.

    Alice has a magical capacity to pull the greatness out of me. ” 

    Roma Norriss, Parenting Expert

    You have an innate gift for deeply seeing the gifts of others. ” 

    Emily Fuller, Midwife

    How it works

    Your application begins with an in depth set of questions to begin your own process and get me up to speed with what’s inside your head. Once I know we’re a good fit you’ll receive a link to pay followed by your welcome pack. In it you’ll find everything you need to book and access our call, along with your Strengthsfinder Access Code – so you can go ahead and take the test. 

    You’ll have some work to do before our session, and I’ll come prepared with a host of suggestions and ideas based on your StrengthsFinder Results and your intake answers.

    We meet on Zoom for 90 minutes. Your sessions will be recorded for your later use and reference – sometimes there will be a guided visualisation, or key insights on your next moves which are useful to refer back to.

    You’ll get specific homework after each session, which may focus on self care practices, journalling, reflection, strategic planning or operational actions to move you forward, depending on exactly where you are.

    Be prepared to set aside around 4-5 hours for our work together: this includes preparation, the session itself and follow up action and self care arising from the session.

    We can stay in touch via email between sessions, and we keep a shared google document for easy access to brainstorming, note-making and homework.

    Investment:  £99 for a limited time only. 

    Please apply here. If you are a good fit, you will be invited to join me for the session. 

    Don’t just take my word for it!

    Here’s more things clients have said about my work:

    Wow what a journey. I feel highly honoured. A real Joy and contentment. Thank you for your amazing respect, connectedness and insight – I felt safe in your hands. ” 

    Amy Houghton


    Alice has the unique ability to know when to go deep and get right to the heart of what’s happening and when to strip out the fluff, fuzz and fog and give practical, straight up advice just when it’s needed. ” 

    Sarah Kent

    Alice has a magical capacity to pull the greatness out of me. She helps me see aspects of myself that I had perceived as flaws, as my in fact greatest strengths. Connecting with what I’m good at has been a relief and allows me to focus my energy on what I do best. I always feel so good about myself, so limitless under the warmth of Alice’s generous attention.

    She connects me with my divinity so that I can remember the vast potential available to me. In practical terms, Alice has helped me realise my authentic value and charge really well for my services, in a female dominant sector where the culture is to undervalue. I had been sitting on a lot of resource for a successful business, but not had the clarity and focus to apply and get results for all the work I was putting in.

    Effectively I have been pulling 70 hour weeks, passionately, with plenty of clients, yet somehow not quite getting a good return financially. Alice picked out from all the noise a viable and simplified way forward. Instead of all the scheming and unknowns and chaos that went into my do-everything-all-at-once strategy.

    I now have a clear business plan that I’m confident will create a proper income. I know exactly what I want to say yes or no to. I don’t need to waste thought working anything out: that frees up a great deal of energy, which I can now apply more intentionally. I feel greatly relieved to know what I’m good at, exactly what I’m doing, have a clear strategy to keep plugging away at and know where my income is coming from.

    Roma Norriss, Parenting Expert

    I saw Alice for a session a few weeks after I started my business. I was feeling a little lost regarding next steps. She helped me to focus on my strengths and look at ways that I can to network to gain new connections within my sector to get clients. When I left the session I was more focused and was able to take action to move forward in my business. ” 

    Deirdre Simspon, Special Educational Needs Lawyer

    This is coaching particularly for women wanting to own their power and be at the helm of their lives.

    You gave me permission to try things out, get things wrong and be on a learning curve. To step into my power and make a mess as part of the process. Being held as someone that can create, that has permission to be BIG! The sense of being celebrated for all that gives me courage and self respect.

    I so appreciate your ability to hold the shadowy aspects of my feelings without it impacting on the way you can hold the possibilities in my future. I feel the difficulties are honoured and can be included in the positive stuff as evidence of strengths and growth. I think that is a very unique and a powerfully feminine way of working.

    I chose you because you are someone creating against the background of difficult circumstances and refusing to be defined by them. I know you understand my experience. I appreciate your generosity and you have attention of a very high quality. I felt sparked up by your intelligence and wide knowledge.

    I am very grateful to your presence in my life, you are a real gift and I’m excited about working with you more in the future. Much love Carolyn Xxx

    Carolyn Clitheroe, Holistic Decluttering Consultant

    I got a huge amount of clarity around what you saw in me and how you pulled it out, and then repackaged it and gave it back to me. ” 

    Zillah Engerran, Performance Artist

    Hi Alice, thank you for your loving, heart felt, sincere support over the last few months. You have such a fluid, intuitive way of responding to my needs.

    Before I started working with you I was feeling very anxious and nervous a lot of the time. I would be constantly worrying about other people’s problems along with my own – but feeling powerless to do anything.

    I now am able to be with my feelings and allow myself space to feel and move through them in their own time. The anxiety is a lot less. I am thinking about myself in a new way: I know I can create a positive way of working that works for me and my strengths.

    Hannah Roberts, Dancer

    Thank you for your help and guidance!!! Yesterday was an especially nourishing session for me! I’m so excited to be allowed to love those bits I was fighting with for so long. Now this is just lovely, oh so lovely… ” 

    Pavla Kislerova, Sustainability Activist

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