The Real SuperWoman



A course for Mothers



6 Weeks Starts Online 22 February


Say Goodbye to living on the Edge of Burnout.

More Joy, More Ease, More Flow.




Hey Superwoman. I see you. You're amazing.


I see you, doing what it takes. Getting up, putting in the hours, keeping it all going.

I see you, making sure everyone gets what they need. Crossing off the lists. Gritting your teeth to keep it all in.

I see you stealing moments, leaving your soul's work waiting as you crawl into bed exhausted. Again.

Because the to-do list isn't going down. Anxiety is creeping in. Feelings are close to the surface.


The conventional Superwoman is a Myth

You're not a female man. And you won't keep going like the duracell bunny.


The REAL SuperWoman: 

Design your life around your gifts, not other peoples' expectations. Harness your  intellectual, creative, and intuitive superpowers - some of them uniquely feminine. Some of them uniquely yours.


The REAL SuperWoman:

Re-ignite your relationship with your sacred body. Learn to love her, listen to her, commune with her. Together you'll achieve wild things - without burning out.


The REAL SuperWoman:

Learn how to take rest, to retreat, withdraw and refuel - physically and spiritually. Return with a clarity of mind, body and soul: radiant, and powerfully effective.


The REAL SuperWoman:

Discover your boundaries. Say No without a drama. Create space for the things which matter. Release guilt and unleash deep self love.



x marks the spotIt's time to rediscover yourself as the conscious creator of the next chapter in your life.


You'll revisit your struggle as the perfect (and not so bitter) medicine for your own initiation.

You'll come gently but fiercely to your edge, plug in to source and discover powerful resources within you and beyond you.



The REAL SuperWoman Course:

6 weeks of deep connection: with yourself, your body, your unique feminine genius.  So you can live and mother with more joy and ease.

This course will support you to understand why stress plays such a big role in your work as a modern mother.

You'll unlock deep nourishment so you can thrive as the woman and mother you want to be.

I want to share with you three key practices which will help you to release the deep patterns which stop you from accessing your creativity and wisdom as a woman and mother.

You'll learn how to take care of yourself and root  deeply in the wisdom of your body. 

You'll learn how to live and mother on YOUR terms, without burning out OR compromising your deep values.



Habit 1: Harness Your Superpowers

  • Your Body as a Sacred Space
  • You are gifted (even if you think you aren't)
  • Designing your life around your strengths
  • Plugging in to source - you don't have to do this on your own
  • Know what you want - set powerful goals that will actually happen

Habit 2: Setting Boundaries, Creating Space

  • The creative power of saying "No" - and why it leads to waaay more "Yes"
  • 5 Stages of a Healthy No
  • Where are your boundaries?
  • How to end any drama
  • Two kinds of stress - and how to eliminate them both

Habit 3: Renew

  • How to take rest (when there isn't any time)
  • Transforming blocks and dark places
  • Resources you didn't know you had
  • Building your support network
  • Finding nourishment for your soul
  • Routines, rituals and emergency responses to keep you filled up when the going gets tough


By the end of the course you'll have to tools to:

  • eliminate stress from your life
  • ask for what you need
  • listen to your intuition
  • ask for help
  • do the things you're passionate about,
  • take risks
  • have difficult conversations


You'll begin letting go of old habits so you no longer:

  • worry if you can cope
  • take on too much
  • worry what people think
  • abandon yourself to keep others happy

You'll trust yourself as the best person to guide you through your life.



About Alice

alice green wallI've struggled with anxiety, PTSD and ADD-type symptoms from a young age. Always on edge, always trying hard to fit in, but ambitious and creative... as I hit adulthood I began feeling the biting edge of burnout.

I made a commitment to myself. I would do everything it took to find a way of being in the world that felt natural, that let me do the big ambitious crazy stuff that lights me up, without driving myself into the ground with anxiety and overwork.

Motherhood raised the game: I learnt (the hard way) that THE key to managing myself was to understand and embrace my strengths - some of them hidden to modern ways of seeing.  And to manage my weak points, my fears, and the places I tripped....with profound self love.

I also learnt a HUGE number of seriously usefull tools, stories and insights - which I'm going to share with you in this course.

I'm a wild listener, bringing five years of experience coaching women to discover and uncover their passion and develop loving self care as they share their unique gifts in the world.  I specialise in helping you get to the underlying stuff holding you back, with extra tenderness and kindness.



ONLINE: 6 weeks 730-930 GMT Wednesdays 22st February - 29th March

COST: £180, or three payments of £70.

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