You’re already BRILLIANT at what you do.

Now let’s tell the world!

Whether you need to keep your social media topped up with sparkling content, or a steady hand at the tiller for your online launch or rebrand, we’ve got your back. 

We’ll pull out the brilliance of what you’re doing, so YOU can see it – and others get the message too.  

In short: we look at your whole business,  put YOU at the heart of it, and design and deliver marketing that is going to help you grow. 

About You:

You’re a talented woman starting to FINALLY make your business work. You’ve slogged it out and now you’re actually making a living doing things you care about.  You might be a therapist, an artist, or a freelancer – but you’re in it because you love it, as much as to make a buck.

And then there’s Social Media. You know you need be online to grow your business: and you know it’s time to up your game. But the thought of actually dealing with Facebook on a daily basis makes you want to stick pins in your eyes.

You need a ten foot barbed wire fence around your time – you’re already sooo busy seeing clients and keeping your life running. 

Facebook feels like a vampire with a sugar addiction who’s got your name on the ice cream.    

You want to hand it over – but you’re worried about paying someone to do something you don’t totally understand. And someone representing you online who doesn’t really “get” what you’re doing. You’ve built up a reputation and you can’t afford to lose people’s confidence now.

That’s where we come in: we take the worry out of growing your business online. 

With an intuitive and audacious approach, we’ll feel into what you’re offering and create a plan that’s aligned with your purpose.  We’ll tell your story better than you could if you were pouring your heart out to your best friend.  And we’ll manage the moving parts of your online presence so you get to show up where it matters – and leave the rest to us.


Emails. Sales Pages. Websites that sell. You know what you want to say – but you’re not sure how to say it. So let us say it for you. 




Social Media Management

A steady stream of social media posts to promote your events, services and blogs. We’ll write it. We’ll post it. We’ll promote it with paid ads. You do more of the stuff you love …..and watch your sales steadily rise.

From £150/month fully managed.


Take your Brand Online.

Want to take your business online? Create a course? Sell your services more widely?  From lead generation to landing the sale, we can help you design and deliver your online launch, without compromising your integrity or unique way of serving.

Consultancy: £45/hour 

3 month project:  From £1000 fully managed.

Meet the Team:

Alice Irving

I have nearly 14 years of experience running Arts Marketing Projects in for big and small organisations in London as well as running my own business online.  A talented wordsmith (if I say so myself) I have a knack for seeing and pulling out the unique gifts of everyone I work with, however small the project. 

You’ll work directly with me to identify your goals and create the key elements of your brand story.  I’ll be your listening post as you clarify what you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll work closely together on project management.  I’m also the main brain behind writing your sales page or emails. 

Natalie Faber

A real live wire, Natalie is our woman on the ground. She’ll be posting to social media for you and keeping all the technical, back-end elements of your launch running smoothly. This young woman ran the social media for the 2000 strong Feminist Society at Kings College London – so she’s no stranger to the complexities of a controversial online presence! 

An experienced events manager, Natalie brings a dogged attention to detail: her motto is “Get it right first time.” Her hobbies include drinking coffee, reading upwards of four newspapers a day and collecting Jane Austen novels.


Find out how YOUR briliance can shine online.

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