Supercharge your Confidence.

Be recognised and celebrated for your gifts. 

Charge what your time, knowledge and skills are worth.

If you're holding back from the next big leap in your work or business because you don't think you're good enough, or killing yourself with worry about getting "found out", this is for you.

Let me help you break through the glass ceiling and finally start ENJOYING your success. You'll be equipped to welcome the jobs, clients and fees that you deserve, without burning out - or compromising your integrity.

Understanding Imposter Syndrome:

Why women, empaths and highly sensitive people are more likely to feel "not good enough", and how to spot your own Imposter traits.

Value Yourself:

What you need to know and do to raise your rates and get the clients and work your skills, gifts and experience deserves.  (Without resorting to hyperbole or dirty tricks).

RE:Source Infinite Power Meditation:

When criticism, fear or inadequacy strike, use this audio to ground and resource you - so you can speak up and be seen with confidence.

Hi! I'm Alice - so lovely to meet you! I learned the hard way as a Highly Sensitive person who was taught growing up that "Success" only comes in one shape and size. 

After the text book high flying start brought me anxiety and burnout, I decided to find another way to be successful - a kind, loving path which ALSO allows me to make a big difference, show off my "clever brains" AND be well paid without being pushy, egotistical or feeling like a fraud.

Sound good? Let's get you started.

Guilt Free Boundaries

Get better at Boundaries. Without the Guilt. Or the Drama.

You'll get three easy steps to reclaim your life by sorting out your boundaries.

And an audio activation so you can do it in real life (not just in theory).

It works. Even with your mother-in-law. 

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