Conscious Boundaries for Busy Mothers.

Hey Superwoman. I see you. Doing what it takes. Getting up, putting in the hours, keeping it all going. Making sure everyone gets what they need. Gritting your teeth to keep it all in.

Because the to-do list isn’t going down. Anxiety is creeping in. Feelings are close to the surface.

You’re so much more than “just” a mother.

First and foremost, you are a woman.

A wise, powerful force of nature.

Mothering is one of the most important jobs on the planet. And yet, I know that you want to do other things too:

You’re intelligent. Creative. Ambitious. Playful. Sexy. 

So much more than that pile of washing overflowing in the corner of your bedroom.

It’s not either/or.

Your kids, your work, your relationships will all flourish when you take time to nourish the spectacular woman that you are.

Sort out your Boundaries

Say YES to what you want and let go of the drama.  Say goodbye to arguing, pleading and giving in. Say hello to a lot more of the good things happening every single day.


More time and Energy for YOU.

Even when there is literally zero spare minutes in the day. Discover the real meaning of me time banish the shoulds and start taking care of the beauty that you are.

Be proud of your parenting

No more hiding out, pretending to have your shazizzle together. You’ve got this. Especially when it feels like its all gone to pot. 

Imagine waking up in the morning....

…..and the first thing that hits you is how good you feel.


Before you face the million-headed octopus awaiting you


… just lie in bed for a few moments,


luxuriating in the goodness of life.

You notice the light falling on the wall. The warmth of your body.  You remind yourself what a wonderful job you’re doing.

You notice how much you LIKE the person you’re becoming.



Taking a Nap

"just because". Soaking up the sun on your carpet before the school run, wriggling your toes in satisfaction at the end of a productive afternoon.

Finally getting your house under control

without spending all day nagging, decluttering or cleaning up after everyone.

Having enough time and energy

to start that course, launch that business, make that thing, organise that weekend away ...and the childcare to make it possible.

This is no fantasy.

This is what happens when you change your relationship with yourself from self criticism to tender self care.

It’s what becomes possible when “successful woman” and “good mother” are titles you bestow on yourself, rather than earning them on society’s score board.

Its the magic that occurs when you free up your brain and body from “should” and let yourself BE.

I want you to know that this is possible.

Even for you.

– Even if you’re too highly strung to take a break.

– Even if your mouth drys up every time you have to speak up.

– Even if you’ve tried meditation, yoga, running… and you just can’t seem to stick to anything for more than a week.


The REAL SuperWoman is proud of her gifts.

Knows why she’s amazing. Knows what she’s good at. Knows what she’s capable of. She makes choices about her life based on doing more of THAT – not what other people expect of her

The REAL SuperWoman trusts her body.

She has paid the price of pushing – and she’s found a better way that FEELS GOOD in every moment, even the most exhausted ones.

The REAL SuperWoman knows her Yes from her No.

 Boundaries are a POWERFUL creative force. They are part of what makes you YOU. And the best news: you don’t have to wait for other people to “Get it”. The Real Superwoman is in charge of her boundaries – no drama, no stress, no energy-vampires.

The REAL SuperWoman: Conscious Boundaries for Busy Mothers.

I want you to discover the balance – and that starts deep inside YOU. It’s not something you can really solve by “thinking things through”.  You’re going to re-establish your relationship with your intuition, your body and your instinct for taking care of yourself.

Become part of the “MasterHeart” that is The Real Superwoman

In  business theres a term called a “Mastermind” group. You get together with your peers to brainstorm, support and encourage each other. The idea is that your brains together create a “mastermind” – an intelligence greater than the sum of its parts – and business people swear by these groups as one of the secrets of their success.

Because the heart knows what the mind can only imagine

Each session is much more than an opportunity for brain learning. Yes, you’ll get plenty of wisdom, insight and practical tools. AND we spend half of each session sharing in a very deep, special way which makes The Real Superwoman very different from other group coaching or courses.

You’ll come closer to yourself and each other than you may have ever been. You’ll feel less alone, more supported and that will help you access a powerful sense of connection, spaciousness and creativity.  You have it in you to feel your next steps easily, lightly and with a confidence in yourself that is unshakeable: we’ll make that possible.

Week 1:

What do you want?

Access the bigger vision for your life and your parenting, even in the middle of chaos.  Ignite your intuition with powerful movement medicine, so you can supercharge your boundaries with postivity and eliminate wobbles.

Week 2:

Stick to your Guns

Centre yourself in the face of fear, judgement, anger and shame, so you can hold your line, even when you’re exhausted. You’ll learn the role of trauma in boundary setting and we’ll also cover physical, emotional and energetic centreing and clearing.

Week 3:

Clean Communication

Exactly what to say and how to communicate your boundaries for maximum effect and minimum fuss. Avoid getting embroiled in long-drawn out discussions and discover the simplicity and joy of a firm boundary clearly communicated.

Week 4:

Dealing with Drama.

Learn how to diffuse any drama WITHOUT giving in. Whether you’re an empath prone to problem solving, or a bit on the belligerent side (I can be both!). You’ll learn how to deal with strangers, nearest and dearest, your kids AND what to do when the person you’re dealing with isn’t thinking straight.

Week 5:

Boundaries and Parenting

How do you decide on where to set limits with your kids? How do you manage those limits without shaming, blaming or modelling unkindness? Does consistency matter? And how do you raise kids who also have strong boundaries (without completely ignoring your own)? You’ll get all these answers, and a radically different approach to parenting that will bring you closer together and build a strong family team.

Week 6:

Your Wisdom Plan

Create your own unique self-care and communication plan. We’ll cover the regular practices and small acts that will keep you on track and building good boundaries in your life. Iron out the wrinkles in your specific boundary struggles so you can frolick forth with enthusiasm and confidence.

How it Works:

Six Weeks to reprogramme your body and soul

I know that you already KNOW a lot of what you need to do: Drink more water. Commit to less stuff. Go to bed early. Blah blah blah. You’re a smart one – you don’t need telling – so why can’t you ACTUALLY DO IT?

Firstly, you’re not broken. There’s nothing wrong with you (yay!). 

I don’t care how many strategies you’ve got, if you’re still running old patterns in your system, all the knowledge in the world isn’t going to help you. If you’re working on knowledge alone, when it comes to the crunch and you have to stand up for yourself and make the tough call, its your old habits that will win the day. And if you’re running on empty, chances are you’re burning up a LOT of energy trying to overcome old habits by force of will alone (and that’s expensive).

Over these six weeks you’re going to re-wind to the ancient parts of you that KNOW how to guide you through this.

So: each session is two hours, broken down into two halves.

The First Hour: I’ll share the cliff notes for change based on the week’s topic. Usually, its not a big chunk of brain knowledge you need. It’s a different perspective that kick starts the shift: so I’ll focus on this. You’ll then get to ACT on it. You’ll integrate the learning into your BODY, beyond the monkey mind. Once its in the muscle, you’ve got it. No going back.

The Second Hour deepens the integration: you each get a turn to soak up the attention of the whole group (you’ll discover why this is so powerful in the first week) and work on WHATEVER you need to. I’ll hold the space so you can find your way to your UNIQUE take on whatever you’re working on.  I’ll guide you if you need it, answer your questions, but mostly I’ll be there to help you access the powerful innate wisdom that makes you the extraordinary woman you are and knows exactly what you need.

About Alice:

I’ve struggled with anxiety, PTSD and ADD-type symptoms from a young age.  I hit adulthood I began feeling the biting edge of burnout.  I made a commitment to myself. I would do everything it took to find a way of being in the world that felt natural, that let me do the big ambitious crazy stuff that lights me up, without driving myself into the ground with anxiety and overwork.

Motherhood raised the game: I learnt (the hard way) that THE key to managing myself was to understand and embrace my strengths. And to manage my weak points, my fears, and the places I tripped….with profound self love.

Through my professional training as an NLP practitioner and Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and my own tireless personal exploration, I learnt a HUGE number of seriously useful tools, stories and insights – which I’m going to share with you in this course.

Join us:

Sessions starting September/October (Dates TBC)

Online, and in Frome, Somerset.

An intimate group of women, no more than 4-6 in total. If there are more women than this, I’ll create a new group: I really value the intimacy we create with enough time for everyone to go deep.

Cost: £250 (Including 45 minute one-to-one)

or £199 (group only).

EMAIL NOW to secure a spot, ask questions AND have a say in the dates/times before I firm them up!!!  

I accept payment in installments – please ask for details!