Praise and Success Stories

Don't just take it from me!

Emily Fuller

Awesome you, Alice!! You have an innate gift for deeply seeing the gifts of others.  I have deeply touched the true essence of what it is that I want to offer and what my purpose is right now. You are restoring my faith in myself supporting me to bring my work into the world at last.
It feels like I've been bringing so many parts of myself together - issues which have been unresolved for over 25 years are coming into harmony, because your work is so deep and so comprehensive. 
I'm inspired and touched by your deep desire for everyone to shine and live in fullness and integrity. Thank you THANK YOU for seeing me and having faith. 

Jennifer Syme

I have worked with other coaches and found you to be one of the most useful in terms of your honesty and style of working.  You are also some kind of mind reader  - you seem to 'get it' even when I can't quite explain what 'it ' is: you know what I'm feeling even when I haven't said what that is. 
You are approachable and easy to talk to, intuitive, patient and kind. Unlike many coaches, I felt able to raise things with you, and be honest.  You were willing to listen to my concerns, rather than just dictate some sort of cookie cutter approach!
You had tools to help me get to the core of what I was trying to do.   Our intensive focused on where to begin, and getting things like my about page roughed out, which was very helpful. I knew it was just aimed at this area, rather than trying to sort out the whole business, and that helped me focus as well.
You did what you said, you kept your word. My 'Story Straight' plan has helped me see where I am going and the steps I need to take.  I often refer back to my intensive notes as a reminder of my intentions whenever I get distracted.  
Yes, even a few sessions can keep you on track.

Llyane Stanfield

Alice has a lazer blade clarity - she wrapped her head around my business sooo quickly. She asked really good questions and was able to see the core issues in such a short space of time.

Alice addressed the relationship between me and the business - and how the business reflects me. Not the typical approach of a business coach: very flexible, very organic.

I was concerned about profitability and visibility,  and I ended up with a long list of things I can take action on so I can improve the reach of my business.  You should try her, just to see exactly what it's going to mean for you!

You heard what I was trying to say, took my scattered ideas, pulled them together, then repeated them back to me with polished wording that was clear, direct, and professional.   Really delicious copy for my current project!  
I am a somewhat introverted personality so I worried about if we would “click" or not - you reassured me and gave me confidence in what my next steps need to be, and exactly what to do now.  My style of thinking and planning is rather scattered, but you clarified my thinking and gave me a clear direction.  
I’m now seeing how I could be doing things much more easily - just using the means that I have at hand to start out. I wish everyone could come in and get unstuck with Alice in such a quick and powerful way! 
I really, really appreciate that you listened, heard me, re-phrased my ideas and had great advice to propel me forward.  Thank you!

Many many thanks for your sharp clear focus, open heart and amazing presence. You keep things simple and narrow everything down to what's relevant now as opposed to just visioning. Its totally felt how passionate you are with your work, which is by far the biggest inspiration.  

I was really excited to do this - its been coming for many years. My main aim was to find a target audience or a niche and I've been dancing around that for a few years! It only took half an hour, 45 minutes and there she is standing in my room and I'm well pleased that I've nailed it now!

I've got a solid marketing strategy now. There's no more messing about. I know who I want to talk to, who will really benefit from my work and I can go!  No more "spraying and praying" as they say. I have clear goals, and structure, which is great. I loved it. Thank you SO much!

Zillah Engerran

Performance and Video Artist and full time Mother

I’ve always done work for money to fund the other things that I’ve wanted to do. I’ve been a stay at home mum for 6 years, and I was lifting my head up and looking at what my skills were, what I wanted to do now.... and feeling overwhelmed and lost.

 I got a huge amount of clarity around what you saw in me and how you pulled it out, and then repackaged it and gave it back to me. I found that incredibly helpful. I’ve got confidence. I had no idea what my value was in the world. You gave me an idea for a business which I would never have pulled out of the bag and it really works for me.

 I’ve realised that I really miss my art practice, and now I feel that a lot of things are possible that I didn’t know were possible. I feel like a grown up! I feel like I’ve stepped into a world where you decide what you want to do and you make them happen.  Thank you!

Sarah Kent

Business Coach & Strategist at

Alice has the unique ability to know when to go deep and get right to the heart of what's happening and when to strip out the fluff, fuzz & fog and give practical straight up advice just when it's needed. If you are looking for both deeps shift & practical leaps in your work life or biz. Book a session with Alice.

My first sale came in today for my Food Rhythm Program!! I'm sure that talking today raised my vibration! Thank you Alice.


Sam Lewis

I knew what I wanted to do but I didn't know how to break it all down, and you've helped me break it down into sizeable chunks.  You've allowed me to see how easy it is - how it was all there but I couldn't make those connections on my own. I've been really worrying about how to write blogs, thinking I had nothing to say - and now I can think of millions of things to talk about now!  Its given me a huge big push.

Amy Houghton

Wow, what a journey. I feel highly honoured. A real joy and contentment. Thank you for your generosity with time and full commitment, for your amazing respect, connectedness and insight; your openness, your honesty, your professionalism - I felt safe in your hands.

Thank you!

Sara Coffield

Graceful Solutions

Thank you so much for helping me to understand that I am able to craft the standard of living I crave. Your passion and integrity makes me want to hug you!

Sara J. Sanderson

The Heartist Movement

You created a safe container for me and helped me get in touch with an aspect of my child-self which had been creating a lot of self sabotage.  You were intuitive, and helped move me forward as I set up my business and become self employed.   

Leila Caston

The Art of Organisation

Feeling braver about finding clients that will enrich my life as much as I will enrich theirs.

Gareth Tanner

Alice was patient and able to hold the space well It really helped to shape my vision for what I want in life and has given me some tools to use toward that.

Tania Mercer

I loved Alice's wise compassion. The session was wonderful. We discussed some of my blocks around how I am communicating my message to my potential clients and audience. She really hit it BIG when she asked me to reflect on my own personal history even though I hadn’t thought it related to the issue at hand.  She had all her senses focused on me and what I was trying to convey and I appreciated the extra time Alice took.

Rebecca Brewin

Alice runs the most creative mentoring service I know.


Alice, this has been a great and inspirational reminder of who I am, where I wish to be and who I wish to gather along the way. Thank you.

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