Your Power is in your Uniqueness

You don’t have to fit the machine – that’s where disillusionment and burn out come from. Discover why I think that your uniqueness – what is perfectly you – is the most powerful thing you have. I talk about how and why things have been...
When you struggle to say no

When you struggle to say no

Do you struggle to say No when you need to? Are you spending too much time and energy doing things you don’t LOVE, because you don’t like saying no? Would you like a way to set your boundaries that doesn’t feel uncomfortable, shameful or create...
The hidden reason you doubt yourself, mama

The hidden reason you doubt yourself, mama

It’s unfortunate but the work of mothering is kinda invisible in our culture. It isn’t how it should be but you simply don’t get the same applauds. Yes a lot of it is drudgery – but get it wrong and the stakes are high. (Look at the ACE study...

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