Your Power is in your Uniqueness

You don’t have to fit the machine – that’s where disillusionment and burn out come from. Discover why I think that your uniqueness – what is perfectly you – is the most powerful thing you have. I talk about how and why things have been...
Five Keys to Start and Maintain Good Habits

Five Keys to Start and Maintain Good Habits

  You know you need to look after your body, but it can be hard to find time, right?   If you’re stressed or anywhere on the spectrum of adrenal burnout, diet and restorative exercise will be two of the mainstays of your recovery/survival.   But too...
How to use the Energy of Midwinter

How to use the Energy of Midwinter

    It’s the solstice today. Most people (me included) are in the full run down to Christmas now.   Today is the shortest year (and the reason Christmas happens at this point in the Calendar).   I wish we celebrated the festival on this day, but...

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