Unleash your Feminine Genius.

Value Yourself.

Do more of what you love.

Say goodbye to burnout and stress.


Hey Beautiful woman.


You are an inspiration. You like to live life full tilt and you are passionate about your work, your relationships and your personal development.



I see you working hard, showing up, making sure everyone get's what they need.


You are SO passionate about doing things well.


And things have worked well for a while....


x marks the spotBut now you're at a crossroads.


Lately it's feeling like there's more tension, something is off-track, and it's time to make a change. 


Deep down you know where you need to go - but you're holding back.


Your feelings seem to keep getting in the way. You're feeling uncertain about how to proceed.


You're not using your time as effectively as you could. In fact, you're wondering if you're starting to self-sabotage....


You're frustrated at the options available. (Too many. Too few).


You know that when you have a clear plan, you can sail through and get everything done...


But right now you just aren't sure enough about what to do or how to do it... and you simply aren't doing yourself justice.


Hi! I'm Alice.


I help ambitious, heartfelt women like you find embodied solutions to your stress, communication and confidence challenges. Together we create a solid, plan for you to unleash your feminine genius, so  you can do more of what you love, without burning out.


Even if you think you're taking reasonably good care of yourself now, if you're too stressed and your life is feeling out of balance, it's time to go deeper.


You can't buy self care - this is about the relationship you have with yourself.  It's about the self-talk you didn't even realise you were having.  The thousands of tiny decisions you make every day. The hidden habits which, til now, were in your blind spot. 


All these things make up the beautiful tapestry of your life. 


Together we uncover your unique stress and success patterns with SO much love and kindness.   You'll LEARN the internal habits of self care which will allow you to thrive in EVERY area of your life.


Because when you take good, deep care of yourself, this is what happens:


  • Your brain settles down and your biochemistry is working in your favour
  • Good boundaries - you can say yes and no with confidence
  • Playfulness - creativity, problem solving, inspiration
  • Knowing and playing to your strengths


Things which can shift as a result of this work:


  • Personal and Work Relationships which thrive
  • More confidence to go for the things you care about
  • Better sleep
  • More time to devote to projects and people you care about
  • No more self doubt and uncertainty about your life path


This has a HUGE impact in every area of your life.


If you think you don't have time to take care of yourself or make important changes in your life - you need this.


We start by squeezing self care down the cracks of your busy schedule and weeding out the time drains.  Over time, the good stuff crowds out the bad naturally and you'll be more in balance. This is about discovering a new quality of grace and ease within you - which rolls out to affect everything you DO. But first, you learn how to BE.

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The Feel-Speak-Act Intensive: Embodied Breakthrough for Heart-felt, High Achieving Women.


If you need to break the cycle of stress, over-doing and burn out, you need to do something differently


I'm inviting you to spend two months going deep with me. We'll start by squeezing self care in down the cracks of your busy schedule, but by the end you'll have more space and ease than you thought possible.


Click here for info on the intensive.


About Alicefamily-fancy


I’ve always been a talented mentor - but when I set out to start my business as a life coach, I was struggling to keep my own life in balance.


I was exhausted, my kids were a handful, my house was a mess and my relationship was a big heap of stress.  I’d walked away from a career I didn’t love. I wanted to spend time with my kids.  But I also wanted to work.


Everything I know about self care and doing the things I love, from meditating to keeping my house under control to saying what I want in my relationship - I learned from scratch, whilst being triggered, short of sleep and with too much to do.

Women are incredible. We have immense power tucked up inside us - and I want to help you unleash yours by loving yourself silly, saying no to what isn’t serving you and saying a lot more yes to what you love. 


If you want a teacher, find someone who isn't a natural.



My Story

I was an academic high flyer from a "successful" family who learned early about self sabotage and dodgy choices. After abandoning hopes of Drama School, (get a proper degree first, dear) I was rejected from Oxford - but couldn't let go of the promise of academic success. I chose a prestigious university in the wrong town, studying the wrong subject surrounded (mostly) by the wrong people, because I felt I "should".


Sensitive, socially awkward and highly creative in a heavily cerebral environment, I pushed through despite near breakdown levels of stress and loneliness, and limped out with a less than impressive degree and (I now know) a compromised adrenal system.


They say everything is a lesson, and it took over a decade to really integrate this one. I had to learn from scratch about self care, emotionally healthy choices and, above all, that it's really ok to do what feels good and comes easy.  I had learned the hard way what happens when you push.


I picked myself up enough to advance on the world of work. I spent a few years doing arts consultancy, marketing and project management in London for both world class arts organisations and ground breaking community projects.  I raised 100s of thousands of pounds of revenue by crafting stories the decision makers could buy into.


By night I was consuming every personal development and self-help resource I could lay my hands on, and I delved into the world of nutrition, yoga and women's groups.


I'd always been drawn to what my son describes as "encouraging people". My first vocational choice was infant school teacher and I still think it's the most important job in the world after being a parent.  Later at work I stumbled on a course on mentoring.... and I was utterly hooked.


Soon after that I left work to start a family. I poured everything in to my son, parenting in the most attached way I could. It was wonderful and challenging and I soon hit my limit.  Since having Rowan, I've been on a journey to create work I love, while being fully present for my kids. And the only route has been dismantling my own negative patterns and re-installing new ways of being with myself.


I have shed blood sweat and tears to get to this point in my life, and it has been built 100% on the foundation of self love. LEARNT self love.  I have been down at the coal face of a lot of big messy feelings  - and I've come out the other side.  I want to help you to learn how to do the same, so you can stop getting pole-axed by old patterns and ways of doing and thinking.


It will make you better at your job, better at taking care of your kids, and it will make you enjoy life TEN TIMES more.


If you want to find out more, let's talk. You can book in a 15 minute mini-session to talk about self care, stress and your path forward from right where you are now. Click here to book. 


And if you're ready and you know I can help you already, join me now for the Feel-Speak-Act Intensive. Read more here. 

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