Women like you work with me to stop worrying, own your brilliance, and maximise the gifts that are innately yours, in everything you do in the world.

Once we’re done you’ll have taken the journey to the heart of your power. You’ll stop apologising. You’ll be doing the work you were put here to do, and you’ll have let go of a whole raft of distractions, obligations and beliefs about what “someone like you” “should” be doing right here right now.  

It’s like a mixture of pilates for the soul – where you learn to you use the core muscles of your own personal giftedness – and decluttering your energetic and organisational home, so the surfaces are clear and you have the space and time to PLAY and create that gorgeous Something Big.

This is coaching particularly for women

who want to own their power and be at the helm of their lives. ” 

Carolyn Clitheroe, Holistic Decluttering Consultant

I help you build Deep Foundations of Confidence in your Work and Life:

  • A clear understanding of your unique way of doing your thing.

  • Unshakeable confidence in it’s value – and feel good about charging well for it.

  • Design your work projects and personal life around resourcing, cultivating and expressing what you’re good at.

  • Charge and earn WELL so your work is recognised AND you have the resources to take good care of yourself.  

  • Personal and Professional relationships which raise you up and nourish your soul.

  • A kind, loving way of speaking and being with yourself.

  • No guilt. No shame. No apologies.

You’ve created a unique space where

it’s OK to leave self consciousness behind. Really special. ” 

Liz Dew, Hypnobirthing

You have such a fluid, intuitive way of responding to my needs. ” 

Hannah Roberts

Why this REALLY matters:

Because you deserve to feel deeply satisfied.  

Because the world needs you to make the contribution you were designed for.  

Because you’ve spent enough time feeling frustrated, undervalued, and wondering “what if”.

Because you aren’t messing around any more.

Because it’s time.


Because YOU are the best steward for the extraordinary gifts and passions you have been given.

And because you’re not a competitor in a race, you’re a point on a web of connection – and it’s time find the place where you belong.

Many thanks for your sharp clear focus, open heart and amazing presence. ” 


Alice has a lazer blade clarity. She wrapped my head around my business so quickly. ” 

Llyane Stanfield

More about Me:

I’m an NLP coach working on the link between embodiment, wellbeing and success. I  want to help us connect: with ourselves, with each other, with the land we call home, to build existence – commerce, polity, community and home – on the joy of being human. 

I’m a Maximizer: this means I have a sixth sense for what’s working really well, and a hunger to find ways to make it work even better.  Some coaches will help you shore up your weak areas. I’m interested in helping you lean into your brillianc

I’m an Ideator: I live for ideas.  Sometimes they come so fast I literally can’t keep up. I’m always looking for the connections, the leaps that join the dots.

I’m a Highly Sensitive Empath – as much as I love to apply my mind to things, I live primarily by feel. Some coaches keep a professional distance. I only really do up close and personal – and we go deep quickly, because folks feel safe with me.

And, also unlike many coaches, getting stuff done just for the sake of it isn’t actually my zone of genius.  Instead what I do is help you get crystal clear WHAT needs to happen and clear the path within you and ahead of you so getting up and getting shit done feels SO natural and in flow, it will feel like taking a knife through butter.

Wow what a journey. I feel highly honoured. A real Joy and contentment. Thank you for your amazing respect, connectedness and insight – I felt safe in your hands. ” 

Amy Houghton


Alice has the unique ability to know when to go deep and get right to the heart of what’s happening and when to strip out the fluff, fuzz and fog and give practical, straight up advice just when it’s needed. ” 

Sarah Kent

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