Sexuality is an aspect of womanhood which can get lost when you have kids.  I feel like its such an important part of who we are – there is so much power in our sexual energy – and its a crucial part of taking care of ourselves.  SO I was really keen to talk Sexologist Line Bram for the Time to Thrive series.  

Listen in as we compare notes on unlocking intimacy, how to ask for what you want, the connection between shame and vulnerability, and how your experiences as a very little girl affect how you can speak up in the bedroom. And what would your sex life like be if you treated yourself with the same care and tenderness you would treat your daughter?

Line believes that every woman has a unique gift and beauty and when we own it magic happens – both in bed and in business. Line is a certified sexologist, has a master’s in business, and a long history in Tantra.  She inspires woman to step into their true potential and create a love and a business life they truly love. She helps woman fight fear, shame and limiting beliefs and truly step into their true feminine power.

In this video, Line a shares a practice of listening to what you want – and acting on it.

We also cover how to how to navigate the great risk of allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open by building up a feeling of safety bit by bit.   How to take a compliment. Why you might have lost your sex drive, how to balance masculine and feminine, how to deal with burn out and tiredness in your relationship…. and much, much more.

Line brings all the different aspects of woman to the table so you can experience relationship at the next level.  Find out how Line went from being a business developer to sexologist and how she helps ambitious women connect with their feminine energy to go deep in love.

Line has an engaging energy and a natural talent in connecting with woman. She takes honour in creating a safe space that is needed to go deep.

You can connect with Line at:

This conversation is so rich – run a bath and settle in!

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