How to NOT be a Zombie by Suppertime



When we moved at the start of the year we also began homeschooling. New house. Winter move. DIY. Homeschool.

I was floored. Totally wiped out by the emotional and physical magnitude of the thing. By suppertime I could barely string thoughts together.

This could not go on.

One of the. Very. First. Things which I introduced once we started feeling into a routine again was afternoon downtime. Not big downtime, but at least 10 minutes of Yoga Nidra.

Over time it changed the whole game.

Not everyone has the chance to actually nap – but often there is more space than you think.

5 Minutes to “change the record” can be incredibly powerful.

So, next week I’m offering you the space to change the record and get SO much more out of your day.

At around 12:45pm UK time, Monday-Friday 10th-14th October (which is the start of the day in the States) I’ll be offering a quick, five minute meditation LIVE in The Real Superwoman Project on Facebook.

Come and join in, listen to the recordings, and tell me what YOU would like the meditations to include.

They’re made for you, baby.

Join the group to join in the meditations here, and check out the vid to find out more.

See you on Monday!

Click here to join The Lunchtime Meditation

(Starts this Monday!)

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