The Most Powerful Words for a Wilder Women


I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time saying no to people.

Well, actually I’m quite good at it now.

I learned.

I want to be there for everyone. I want to be the Yes Lady. And I really, really want people to like me.

Doing = Love right?!

As a modern human, you get a LOT of different calls on your time and attention. I’m going to say that, if you’re female, this increases multiple times. Its not just a practical distraction, with numerous people relying on you to DO a LOT of things, its an energetic pull.

Be beautiful, soft, receptive. But be clever (in a linear, incisive, male way). Be confident – but careful not to overdo it around the men, around your mother, around your sisters – because they might feel uncomfortable. Take care of yourself. Keep up the yoga. Show up on time. Have everything together. Let go. Loosen up. Don’t drop the ball.

Its a head fuck, and its a very difficult battle to win.

One of the most powerful things you can do is shut the door and get on your OWN page. Bleed time was seen as sacred in ancient times because it was understood that women could tune into some BIG stuff at that point in the month and it was given MAXIMUM respect.

Learning to say no, to shut the door, to turn off my phone, to leave the dishes when I need to recharge my body, has been the single most powerful influencer in the massive changes I’ve felt in my inner and outer world in the last 5 years.

I can’t tend to myself if I don’t create space for myself – and I can’t do that if I can’t say no.

When you can say “I’m Going”, when you become mistress of your time and energy, you can effect remarkable changes in your life and start to ride the powerful creative forces nestled deep within your being.

If you’re in Frome, there’s a chance to explore this practice deeply in this course, starting in September. If you’re not local, it will be coming online before long. In the meantime you can join the mailing list and I’ll send you my two cents on saying no (see the box at the end of this post.


On Going


I cannot shut the door.

Shame keeps me, a perpetually open book:

Any may enter here.

Defile this grove this Soul Space Sacred 

Remember the trick, but not the routine:

Gestures; notions; hinting at Solitude,

The ravenous hunger and Fuck. It Up.

Half Arse it, leave the door ajar

For all and sundry comers

To kick over trip over these precious embers

Til there is nothing and I am gone.

Abandoned.  Flown from home.


Never resting, never roosting

Each hair out

In another direction.

And crazy

From the lack of this.


I – must reach my being

Cross the deathly sea of shame

The dark reaches leaching my life away

Pull the door to its latch

And go.




Land, Ground. Burrow down

Deep into my “ness”

Where no other soul is



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