Self Love = Stillness


Self love = being able to be utterly still knowing that you are safe, held, treasured, what-ever you do.


Knowing that you don’t have to do anything for the good vibes to keep coming.


What if you knew you could rely on a steady stream of feeling good? 


I’d stop freaking out as much. I’d be less on my guard, less worried about what other people think, or, am I saying the right thing?


I’d be able to listen to other people without wondering if I’m going to be in the firing line in the next 30 seconds.


If I knew I could rely on good vibes, I’d take more risks, because the core part of me can be still.  Less adrenaline, more oxytocin. I’d be a lot more fun to be with.


What would it mean for you?


Self love, good vibes, soaking them up.  Instead of frantically scrabbling to generate them, or protect ourselves from the things which are making us feel like shit.


Good vibes can’t be stressed into being.


“I have to do some self care” (slap, slap)


“I can’t seem to love myself” (tut, tut)


Am I loveable?


Am I love-able?


Can somone love me?


Can I do love?


Can love be in me?


Can I love?


Is it possible for good vibrations to sit at the core of my being?


Self love = independently generating good vibes, in the nerve centre. Deeper the better.  


When it’s there, right in your core, you don’t need to go anywhere. You don’t need to do anything. You can be still.

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