Banish Fear and Feel Good!


Last week I wrote about the first person you have to sell to when you’re launching, relaunching or taking your work up a level.

(You can read the post here).

Of course, that very first person is you: before you can be of service to anyone else, you need to feel strong and full of love. Love for your work, love for the people you’re helping, love for yourself and your own ability to carry your work out into the world.


But sometimes you don’t feel like that. You feel scared, empty and just really NOT the person to do any of the things you’ve signed yourself up for.


Worst of all, its very common to feel EXACTLY like that at precisely the moment when its time to step up to the bar and share at a new level. Its at these threshold moments that fear comes pouring in and threaten to shut you down completely.


Its also at these times that you need, more than ever, to draw on your resources, keep your cool, and stay connected to the truth of who you are and what you are bringing.


How do you feel good when you just feel scared?


The fact is, it’s never you bringing the real juice – you’re just the vessel. The joy you experience in your most connected moments come from being in the full flow of universal energy, the exhilaration of having allowed yourself to do this, and the beauty which being in this flow of creativity, healing and power brings.


The emptiness, the shut-down occurs when you forget this, and try to bring the juice yourself. Not happening.


The technique I’m sharing today will help you to embody the magical space where you do your best work.  Its that space of connection, love, receiving, that you already know well – that’s how you’ve manifested all the brilliant, beautiful things you’ve created so far in your life.


When you’re feeling fearful or doubting whether “you can do this”, it’s because you’ve dropped out of connection. You’ll find you make smaller, less expansive choices when you’re out of this space and much bolder ones when you are, the kind which naturally draw in big universal support.


You’re going to learn to love and rely on this practice as you go further into your journey as sharing your gifts in the world, especially as you grow and step up to share with more and more courage.  This is because it reminds you that source is ALWAYS there ready to support you – that all you have to do is open your channel, and there is your most juicy work, waiting to come through. Nothing to do.


Fill up Feel Good Vibration Raising Meditation to Clear Fear:


Practice this meditation regularly and you’ll learn to hold yourself in a place of connection and utter belief in what you do, initially more of the time, and eventually all the time. This will help you to stabilise the energetic field around your work, especially as you’re raising the bar and challenging yourself to show up more.


It’s foundational work and I always take new clients through this early on in our work together.


You’ll become able to perceive more clearly what’s needed and make decisions based on the whole picture, from a place of love, not fear.  For this reason, its a good idea to start with this practice before doing any work on your business.  Everything starts as energy, so you’d better be sure to start with a good strong energy!


Once you’ve done this meditation, take a moment to let me know what you got from it in the comments below.




Alice xx


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