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The First Person You Have to Sell To


There is a sense in which your work isn’t quite real until its been seen, shared and experienced by others.


You cross the boundary from pure artist/practitioner into business owner/contributer when you get interested in this one thing: exactly how to share what you do with others.


In the beginning (whichever beginning: launching a new, sassier product is a beginning)  you have to show what it is that you’re sharing in such a way that people get it.


You have, basically, to sell your idea.


Where do you start? You social media fans? Your mailing list? Your best customers?


Not yet…..


Sharing can be Scary.


When you’re taking things up a level there is always a threshold moment when you get ready to show this new phase to the world for the first time. However many first times you’ve had before, there is a nakedness, a feeling of vulnerability which goes with this.


And sometimes there is pure, unadulterated, stone cold FEAR.  (Trust me, I’m launching at the moment. I know about this thing).


If you aren’t sure you can do it….


If you’re scared of making any claims (writing copy, approaching clients, increasing your prices)….


If you’re in anyway frightened that you can’t live up to your “hype”….


Your first task is not to boldly and brashly sell to the world. It’s to sell to yourself.


The trouble is that while a little brinkmanship adrenaline is good to get your system turning over,  too much and you will shut down entirely.


Equally problematic, others won’t feel confident about what you’re doing if you don’t.


It goes (roughly) like this (I’m talking from personal experience…):


“Hi (croak). ehm… I do this (quite small and insignificant) thing. It isn’t much. Its a bit silly of me really. Silly me.  I should probably be (insert sensible alternative job) but I’m a bit of a rebel, you know? (nervous giggle)…. I mean some people seem to think what I do is ok.  In fact, I’ve had a few people say I should be making more of it. Not really sure exactly why, but its very sweet of them. Anyway I’m, you know, trying to make a go of it so.. uh… would you like a business card? Please?”


Aside from the fact that this kind of witty repartis doesn’t say much about what you actually do for people, the energetic field around it is all over the place. You’re out of your solar plexus and miles from any felt sense of the real juiciness of what you do (you know, when you’re actually in flow and doing it).


Wobbly wibbly and really scared about being seen.


This is the reason you have to sell to yourself first: people feel you before they hear you, before they see you.


If you believe in what you’re doing, other people will too.


They will feel your calm, your enjoyment, your quiet strength….and they’ll want in on it.


Nailing this is a foundation, its a muscle, and it does get easier with time (though not, ahem, over night!).  How do you get rock solid confidence in what you’re doing from the start, so you can get other people on board?  Even when there’s fear, doubt and uncertainty (because there will be)?


It’s about self love, showing up in your body, paying attention to what’s happening around you – and having some systems in place.  It’s really a set of practices – which I’m going to be breaking down over the next three weeks. (It’s called making an otherwise maHUsive blog post digestible, people!).


I’m running a free class (see below) – register for that and you’ll get installments 2, 3 and 4 of this series straight to your inbox.


(PLUS a PDF that’s going to be super useful when it comes to getting this stuff sorted. AND a mini session with me. )


Register for the class guys, I can’t wait – and I’ll see you next week.

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