You’re bloody good at what you do.  

Bordering on extraordinary.

You’ve done the work and put in the hours.

You know A LOT about your area of expertise, and you’ve been doing the work on yourself in the background too.

“Something Big” is brewing.

It has been for a long time.  It might be a new business idea. A world-changing project. A change of career. A book. A methodology. You might be returning to work after focussing on your kids. Or eyeing up an exciting promotion or opportunity.

Or it might be that it’s just time to overhaul everything you’re currently doing and take it to the next level: better or more clients; higher rates; taking on (more) help so you can focus on what you’re REALLY good at.

You’re intimidated. Worried about finding the time, the resources.

You’re worried about burning out, over-committing, rocking the boat, managing it all.

And, if you’re honest – and this is hard to admit because people look up to you – you’re most afraid that you aren’t good enough.

You’re not alone there, sweet woman.  And I’ll tell you what?

I’d be willing to put a lot of money on you being at least 3 times better equipped and more gifted than you think you are.

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